Help on setting IDE mult sectors w/hdparm

Help on setting IDE mult sectors w/hdparm

Post by Craig Shrimpt » Wed, 08 Mar 1995 11:14:55


I have been playing around with hdparm on 1.1.94.  I have a Seagate
ST3390A IDE drive that supports up to 64 sectors in multiple mode.  My
question is why would you ever select anything other than the MaxMult of 64?

(i.e.) Under what conditions would a multi sector setting of 32 be in order?




1. hdparm losing settings on both IDE drives?

I'm currently using the settings;

hdparm -u1 -c1 -k1

for both of my IDE drives, but every time I re-start my computer the
settings are lost (return to their '0' values, thus cutting my IDE
speed in half). Is this normal? Is there a better way to keep the
settings than this, or do I have to put that line in my startup
scripts somewhere?

(BTW - I've also tried adding '-K1' to the command-line, but the
settings were lost then, too).

Thanks in advance, and until I hear anything further, I suppose I'll
just stick that command-line into my startup scripts.


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