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Although there is not a formal driver yet
for the SBLive, I was wondering if anyone among you
has already managed to set up this card under linux

I am especially interested in the multichannel/
spdif I/O options.

On a related note --is it possible to use the spdif
interface, or any other computer port, for that matter--
at a higher sample rate than the customary 44.1/48kHz?
There are numerous interesting high-end audio experiments
that could be done at high sample rates.

Thanks in advance,

Hans Pelleboer


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Is is possible to configure udma66 disks in rh6 or any other release?
I've got a IBM djna372200 and a be6 motherboard under kernel 2.2.12 now
working in udma33, and is it possible to make sblive work with 2.2.12?

Best regards

Luis Aguiar

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