Joystick compatibility????

Joystick compatibility????

Post by Brian Basse » Wed, 17 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I've got two questions relating to joysticks and their ilk.  I'm
currently using the joystick-0.8.0 driver from sunsite and that works
perfectly with my 2-axis js.

1) I recently gained a MS SideWinder Pro 3D js.  The joystick-0.8.0
driver reads the buttons, but not the stick or throttle?  Is this
spawn of the Evil Empire supported, or has Bill made the beast unique

2) I've got a PCMCIA gameport which works under Win3x and 95.  Anyone
know where I can find info on how to get it to work under linux?
(And, yes, I've read the PCMCIA-HOWTO.  No help.)

A private reply would be very useful as I don't often read this group.

Thanks in advance,
Brian Bassett


1. Joystick support with PS joystick

I have two PS joystick and my soundcard is AC'97 sound chip on board.
My linux distrio is debian 2.2 and my kernel is 2.2.19.
My sound card works well under linux.

I have tried the setting as follow
# modprobe joystick
this step seems OK.
# modprobe joy-console js_console=0x378,6,6,0,0,0
but it didn't work. Error msg: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect
module parameters, including invalid IO or IRQ parameters

My /dev are as follow

/dev/js0 c 13, 0
/dev/js1 c 13, 1
/dev/js2 c 13, 2
/dev/js3 c 13, 3

Thanks a lot

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