Trident 8400

Trident 8400

Post by Marcel » Sun, 31 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Do anyone know a Trident 8400 driver for XFree86 ?
Do you know where I could find it ?

Thank you very much.


Trident 8400

Post by Jerry Layca » Tue, 02 Nov 1999 04:00:00


    If you are referring to the PCChips M585lmr board..the way I got my AGP
to work was to upgrade the XFree86 to the latest edition, That's getting the
xbin.tgz xlib.tgz, xsvga.tgz, xfnts.tgz and xcfg.tgz.
    Run the xconfig and select the Trident Blade driver.
    I had to update a lot of window managers after this but my display is a
fine 800x600 16bpp.
    Good luck
    Also, the audio chip is a CMEDIA device and getting the 2.2.13 kernel
did the trick on that.

>Do anyone know a Trident 8400 driver for XFree86 ?
>Do you know where I could find it ?

>Thank you very much.


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Unfortunately, the video card on my current computer is an on board AGP with
a Trident 8400 chipset.  Does anyone know of an XServer or driver for this
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John Mahala

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