Big Harddisk (Matrox, 120 GB)

Big Harddisk (Matrox, 120 GB)

Post by Marvin Mass » Wed, 22 Jan 2003 20:28:14

Hello, everybody out there using Linux! :)

I bought a new harddisk (Matrox, 120 GB).
The BIOS identifies it correctly (IDE Master).
Under Linux, everything works fine (fdisk shows 120 GB).

But I want to Windows and Linux parallely..
I downloaded a Windows 98 bootdisk from because I
couldn't find the install CD quickly.
I also downloaded a special version of fdisk for use with large disks
(from the same page).
Both fdisk's fail to show the correct disk size.
If I remember correctly, the only "see" 30 GB.
Then, I partitioned with Linux fdisk, where I reserved 85 GB or so for
Windows (sorry ;-)).
Now, in Win98 fdisk, it says something about 50 GB or so...

Any idea?

I have a DFI K6BV3+/66 motherboard.
The latest "stable" BIOS update was from April 2000, the latest
"unstable" from Spring 2001 or so...
Thus, I found the risk of destroying my BIOS much higher than the
possibilty that these updates could help me.

My current BIOS is from 1999.

Thanks in advance.




Big Harddisk (Matrox, 120 GB)

Post by Guillaume H'eni » Wed, 22 Jan 2003 23:17:51


Seems that your BIOS have the 32Gb limit ;o) I had the same problem with a
drive I recently installed on an old motherboard.
Linux don't use BIOS to access the disk so there is no problem.
Windows use the BIOS so is the problem.
You should go on maxtor website and download the disk installer which will
install a BIOS overlay to pass over BIOS limit. The size reported by bios
has no mean and will be overwritten by the overlay.

You should follow these steps :
1- Install the BIOS overlay
2- create a small ~50 Mb partition for linux /boot using linux fdisk.
3- create and format a windows partition, then install it.
4- Install Linux, using the partition you had reserved for /boot and
install lilo (or any bootloader) on the /boot partition.
5- using fdisk, makes the /boot partition active.

Hope this will help.


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