Aztech SC16-3D sound card compiable with Linux?

Aztech SC16-3D sound card compiable with Linux?

Post by Jason » Wed, 18 Mar 1998 04:00:00

This is a easy and quick question.

I already tried the sound FAQ and I think this card is 4th generation
and it's too new to get in.

But is it's really Sound Blaster 16 at it's core compatiablity?


Jason D.


1. Newbie: Aztech 2320 sound card totally locks RH6.0 after sound config probe

I have just installed RH 6.0 on a Gateway P5-150. No problems except the
sound card. It is is an ISA "Aztech Sound Galaxy PRO 16 III-3D PnP FP - 6L"
with an Aztech 2320 OPL chip. The RedHat soundconfig utility (under X11 or
in text mode) detects the Aztech 2320 device and then totally freezes the
system, I can only get out by hard rebooting. The /dev/sndstat file entries
are empty and "dmesg" tells me that the device or resources are busy during
boot detection.

I have tried using the same I/O IRQ and DMA's as DOS using "modprobe sb"
but to no avail. I also had a problem with the card under RH5.2 but that
just wouldn't work rather than take the whole system down.

I would appreciate any info on how to find out whether it's the card or my
system configs.


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