Avance Logic ALS100 Sound Card DMA8Bit!

Avance Logic ALS100 Sound Card DMA8Bit!

Post by Alex » Thu, 20 May 1999 04:00:00

I got that sound card ALS100+, which is supposed to be 100% SB16
compatible, but the thing is that it is not!

All because it uses 8 Bit-DMA-channel (0-2) for 16-bit sound rec/play.
I suppose that a 16-bit transfer is splitted into 2 8-bit transfers...
As far as i know, my driver does not support 16-bit sound trhough
8-bit-DMA, (it sais: no valid 16-bit dma channel, only 8-bit sound
I read the source code of the SB16 driver and... (didnt understand
almost anything)... 8oP

So i would like to know if there is a driver that supports that

Please, email me as well as posting...
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