Sound Help!

Sound Help!

Post by Janos Er » Thu, 29 Apr 1999 04:00:00

> I am running Redhat 5.1.
> I have an Ensoniq audio PCI sound card.
> Is there any way to get sound working in Linux?
> Any help you can offer would be great,

According the table this is the same as the
SoundBlaster PCI cards. I managed to setup them
using the ASLA drivers:

Unfortunately I still did not manage to
use it for KDE system sounds. The KDE
sound mixer however works well.

Janos Ero


1. Sound help needed [Sound Blaster 16 & wav_play]

: Hello,

: I have recently installed a Sound Blaster 16 in my linux box.  I successfully
: compiled wav_play.  However when I run play or xplay I get the error "can't
: get blocksize".  Also, when I cat wav files to /dev/audio or /dev/dsb I get
: garbage.  Mostly hissing.

        First, the "can't get blocksize" means that you didn't get the patch
for play/xplay.  It's a conflict with the "old" versus the "new" ioctl call.
The patch is available on sunsite I believe.

        Secondly, you can't cat .wav files into either /dev's.

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