Compaq Qvision - Xconfig File ???

Compaq Qvision - Xconfig File ???

Post by Mike Harris - Sys Front Offic » Fri, 28 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Are the Compaq Qvision cards (1024 or 1280)supported, also is there
a suitable Xconfig file available.......

1. NEED: Xconfig for Compaq QVision/1024 & Compaq 171FS monitor

 Please help if you can.  I have configured my Xconfig the best I can, but
 cannot get 1024x768x256.  The best is 800x600x256.  This is okay for now,
 but I'd rather be in the highest possible resolution.  The problem is that
 I cannot get the information on DOT clocks or monitor timings from Compaq.

 I called Compaq tech support and the tech was baffled by my request.

 If you use a Compaq Deskpro XE 466 with a Compaq 171FS monitor and have
 an Xconfig that includes 1024x768x256, please please please email me a copy
 of it.  I can only say thank you a million times if you do.

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