PLEASE HELP -- Logitec PS/2 mouse keeps locking up

PLEASE HELP -- Logitec PS/2 mouse keeps locking up

Post by Jay N. Dama » Thu, 30 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Hi there, I running Linux on a P5-66 Gateway computer with a PS/2 Logitec
3-button mouse. Guess what, the mouse will periodically lock up. I cannot
find a single cause that causes the lockup. With the mouse gone, I can still
atl-F* through my windows (the system still runs). What I end up doing is
exiting all my windows, select "leave X" and get back to the text prompt.
Then I do startx again and things are fine --- until the next time it dies.

Oddly enough, the frequency with which this problem occurs has been increasing.
This is the oddest thing about it.

So, * has anyone seen this before?
    * is there any way to prevent this?
    * is there any way to get the mouse back without leaving X?
    * is there any experiments someone might suggest to test where the
        problem is?

Thanks much in advance.
-Jay Damask


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