New HW & linux: PII? UDMA? AGP? SMP?

New HW & linux: PII? UDMA? AGP? SMP?

Post by Jean Orlof » Wed, 29 Oct 1997 04:00:00


We are on the verge of buying 4 linux machines at our lab. I would like
to confirm the following infos, gathered on the net (mainly here).

PII and LX chipset:
Should run without problem with any kernel. Does that mean linux does
not exploit the possibilities of the new chipset (or just that I don't
know what LX chipset means...) ?

Ultra DMA HD drives:
Should run in IDE-compatible mode, ie at 16 rather than 33Mhz (Q: is
there a flag to set to induce this, or the kernel is able to tell the
board and drive?). When drivers come that support UDMA, it will be
possible to benefit from this bonus (10-15% speed increase under

AGP graphics cards:
Avoid, or buy only those supported by ActiveX, the only existing code to
date for this type of hardware.

Should work without trouble once the SMP flag is checked at kernel
recompilation, but speed increment is questionable except for very
parallel jobs.

Thanks for confirmation!

                Jean Orloff