Redhat 7, DI-701, DHCP ----help

Redhat 7, DI-701, DHCP ----help

Post by Miles Langha » Mon, 19 Mar 2001 12:32:18


I have tried, Mandrake, SuSE, Corel, Gentus for ABIT, and now Redhat
distributions. All of the other Linux installs went ok. I followed the
install screens and everything worked well. Linux has REALLY progressed in
the last year and a half, very impressive. For a newbie like me the
in the install routine makes a Linux install almost possible;>)

My problem has been that I have used Windows since the first release and I
can't get the command line commands figured out. I finally bought the book
Redhat Linux 7 for Dummies. I didn't even know it came with Linux 7.0 on

I think the books editors should probably go over the book again! Many
spelling errors and many instances where the text does not follow the
install routine. My main problem is getting my network card configured to
work with my D-Link DI-701 "Residential Gateway".

I had to pull the hard drive I was installing Redhat 7 on and replace it
with my WIN98 drive so I can't remember all the info but hopefully someone
here can set me straight. I use as the gateway address and it
passes out IP's via DHCP to the other 4 machines on my little network.

When Redhat 7 booted up I went to linuxconf to set up the network
settings. Under CLIENT TASKS > HOST NAME .... I am supposed to enter Host
name + domain, I have NO idea exactly what to enter here.

Then ADAPTER 1 has Primary name + domain, IP address, net device, and
kernal module that need to be entered plus some optional entries that I am
not goint to worry about unless someone tells me I need to. At the top of
this page is config mode <>Manual  <>Dhcp  <>Bootp. Since the DI-701
passes out IP's using DHCP and every other install of LINUX worked without
problems I selected DHCP. It isn't working for some reason.

Then we come to Name server specification (DNS) with Default Domain, IP of
name server 1, and IP of name server 2. Even DNS 2 is optional.

The DI-701 is configured with my SWBELL DSL info which includes swbell DNS
1 and 2 IP addresses. The DI-701 handles the P.P.P.o.E. protocol that
SWBELL requires and it handles the login to my ISP.

What info do I need to include in the linuxconf network setup?\

I realise that this is all caused by my ignorance and can all be chalked
up to operator error. That's why I bought Redhat Linux for Dummies, yet it
just doesn't cover this area in enough detail. I also cannot figure out
why the other installs pretty much configured the network/internet setup
automatically only asking me about DHCP.............

Can anyone set me straight? If I can get this system running I hope to
wean myself from the Microsoft folks.



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a firewall connection to the internet.  For my PC's running
Windoze, they get their IP's from the DI-701.
But having just installed Red Hat 7.0, my eth0 is apparently
not getting it's IP assigned from the DI-701, even though
I set the option for the ethernet card (an SMC EtherPower
card) to use DHCP.  I can browse the internet, somehow,
with Netscape.  How this is possible without an assigened
IP, I haven't the foggiest.
Being a newbie, I don't know if their
are files to be set up, etc. to make it work.
Please someone help.


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