CD-ROM Panasonic CR-562-bNot Detected

CD-ROM Panasonic CR-562-bNot Detected

Post by Oz Krakows » Fri, 27 Dec 1996 04:00:00


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1. Does a Panasonic CR-563-B CD-ROM drive act like a CR-562?

I can't get the Fall '93 Yggdrasil Linux CD-ROM to boot up
on my PC.  I have a 586 box with a Panasonic CR-563-B drive
connected to a sound-less interface card ("Golden" brand).
The drive works find under DOS, but Linux does not seem to be
aware of its existance.  I have the interrupt disconnected
(the jumper on the card completely removed), but as far as I
know, the Linux driver doesn't use the interrupt.  The base address
is 310H.

Should this setup work?  Is the 563 drive really different than the 562?
Can I get a updated boot disk or something what will work with this drive?


Doug Braun


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