Adaptec 1460 (APA1460A) PCMCIA SCSI

Adaptec 1460 (APA1460A) PCMCIA SCSI

Post by Roger Walke » Fri, 10 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I am looking at purchasing this PC-Card scsi device 2nd hand. I can't seem
to find any specific information on whether or not this card will work under

The pcmcia-howto is not very helpful. It only indicates that most PC-Card
scsi devices work as ISA work-alikes, and that there is some additional
pcmcia code (which I can't seem to find) to link into the driver.

What, if anything, do I have to do to get this card to work under Linux?



1. Adaptec 1460 (APA1460A) PCMCIA SCSI

The Adaptec 1460 is officially supporet by the PCMCIA-Modules
of the latest Linux-Kernel, you don't patch the kernel to get
support for this Card.
See also the official List of supportet PCMCIA-Cards:
I hope this helps you.

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