Opinions on SCSI controller card?

Opinions on SCSI controller card?

Post by James Gros » Tue, 21 Feb 1995 18:00:49

  I was just given a 2 Gig SCSI drive (HP C2490A Narrow Single-Ended,
cool Huh?) I'm really new to SCSI hardware and would like to have some opinions
on a controller card for this drive that supports floppies that are not SCSI
(there is a difference in floppeis, right?).  And of course it would have to
be supported by Linux.  Does such an animal exist?  Also I was told by a
salesperson that Adaptec has superceaded(sp) the 2842 with the 2825, has
anyone heard this? I was under the inpression that the 4 in 2824 meant it
supported over 1 gig and the 2 in 2825 meant that it supported up to 1 gig.
Thanks for any input.

                                                           Jim Grossl


1. One SCSI controller is not recognized with another SCSI controller


I have an ISA SCSI controller (AHA1522B) to which Iomega Jaz external
and Plextor SCSI CD-ROM internal are attached and a PCI SCSI (AHA2940UW)
with two wide hard drives attached (C:, D:).

When I tried to boot from Debian Linux (Debian GNU/Linux 1.2.2), the
first SCSI controller (AHA1522B) was not recognized, but AHA2940UW was.
I disabled the bios of AHA1522B in vain. I tried with Slackware Linux
with the same result.

I can connect the CD-ROM to AHA2940UW, but I have Jaz still on the
AHA1522B since AHA2940UW works that way.

Please let me know if there is any way I can use both of the controllers
or I can use all of the devices (Wide SCSI H/Ds, SCSI CD-ROM, SCSI Jaz)
on the AHA2940UW..

Dong Hwan Nam
#18-1 2/6 Bu-Won Dong, Kim-Hae Si, Kyong-Nam, Seoul, Korea

Tel: 011-82-525-25-3563/33-8829, Fax: 011-82-525-25-3563

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