Need recommendations for notebook with Linux/X

Need recommendations for notebook with Linux/X

Post by Andras Meh » Wed, 18 Jan 1995 05:39:07

Looking for suggestions/experience/warnings regarding the purchase of
a notebook computer to be used for running Linux (or NetBSD) with Xfree.
I'm considering the following configuration:

486 DX4-100 or Pentium 90 MHz
min. 16M memory
min. 540 HD (SCSI preferred)
battery life is the first priority (at least 4 hours)
screen is not important (would like to hear opinions on the power consumption
of the different options)
14.4kbps modem (internal or PCMCIA)
Ethernet adaptor (internal or PCMCIA)
Pointing device should be located at the base of the keyboard
(trackball or Apple-style pressure-sensitive pad preferred)

Since I'm not a frequent reader of the newsgroup,
please email me (in addition to posting).

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Need recommendations for notebook with Linux/X

Post by N B Venkateswar » Wed, 18 Jan 1995 17:32:46

Only thing I can tell is don't buy DUAL systems as they are very irresponsible
when it comes support.



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