wish to purchase new motherboard and ram - recommendations?

wish to purchase new motherboard and ram - recommendations?

Post by Dan Strombe » Fri, 09 Mar 2001 07:58:17

I have an AMD K6/2 450Mhz system with 64M of ram and an Asus P5A-B
Alladin-V motherboard (I believe "B-AT mb" means it's a baby AT
formfactor), which I bought from a linux vendor that has since gone
out of business.  :( Specs on the motherboard are available here:
http://lhd.datapower.com/db/dispproduct.php3?DISP?367 .

The system swaps too much when I use java apps (and mozilla is
unusable) due to too little ram, and it crashes once in a while which
I heard is probably because the motherboard has bad AGP support.  This
seems plausible because if I use 16 bpp, the machine crashes a lot
less than if I use 32 bpp, though it still crashes too much IMO.

I'd rather not back off to PCI video (I'm spoiled by AGP now), so I'm
thinking seriously about getting a new, noncrashy motherboard and some
more ram, 256M of it in total (so hopefully I'll purchase 192M, but if
I have to buy the full 256M, so be it).

Ideally, I'd like to reuse the same case, power supply, cpu, cards
(including ati agp video, an old PCI symbios scsi adapter I only use
for backups, and a sound card) and maybe even the ram, though I've
heard mixing ram from different vendors can be a problem.

Can anyone recommend an easily-obtained motherboard that might be
suitable?  I'll consider getting a new cpu if it means getting a
significantly better buy on the motherboard.  Obviously this doesn't
have to be top-performance hardware, I just want something reliable
that's able to run memory-hungry apps.

Can anyone recommend such a motherboard?

Thanks much.
Dan Stromberg                                               UCI/NACS/DCS


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the motherboard was getting power by testing another motherboard with
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If anyone has any other insight as to why the my computer wont do
anything, I would appreciate.  I had this same thing happen to me a
month ago while replacing a simm on this board, but it was fixed by
merely pulling it out and plugging it back in. This time I was not so

I am going to look at motherboards tommorrow at a new Fry's that has
opened up in my area.

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Motherboard choices:
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Thanks a ton in advance


(P.S. This is primariy going to be a linux box and also run WIN95)

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