Netgear MA401 Wireless

Netgear MA401 Wireless

Post by William T. Man » Sat, 15 Jun 2002 00:53:10

Has anyone managed to get the MA401 working on a laptop (Compaq Presario
1210US) with Linux 2.4.18? I've been trying to no avail using Mandrake 8.2
without any success at all. I use the same distribution on my Compaq
Presario 7110US desktop and somehow (I don't remember exactly how) I got
the card working with the PCI/PCMCIA adapter.

The pcmcia-cs-1.3.31 source code compiles fine and so does the
kernel-wlan-ng code but during install the wlan code shows unsatisfied
symbols during the depmod -a phase. If I do an insmod prism2_cs I get a
long list of unsatisfied dependencies.

Does anyone have any ideas on this? Thanks a lot in advance.



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i want to use a newgear ma401 wireless pcmcia card on my clevo 5620p laptop
on freebsd v5 release. as soon as i insert the card into the slot, the
system freezes.

i tried two different kernel configurations (both without acpi loaded at
startup) one with the OLDCARD stuff the other with the current drivers. in
both cases i was unable to get the card working.

can anyone help me with that thing, please?


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