Help! Installing Slackware 2.0 CD using Soundblaster CD-ROM

Help! Installing Slackware 2.0 CD using Soundblaster CD-ROM

Post by Tony Fa » Wed, 10 May 1995 04:00:00

I am having difficulties getting Linux to install on my PC.  I am using
the Slackware 2.0 CD (yes, it's old).  I am unsure what to specify for
the "source intallation media".

I believe the files are located in "D:\SLACKWAR\SLACKWA0\SLAKWARE" on the
CD rom.

When I specify the SOURCE in setup,
I choose "5. Install from CD-ROM",
then "5. SoundBlaster Pro (Panasonic) [ /dev/sbpcd ]",
then I choose "Custom"
and enter "/dev/sbpcd/slackwar/slackwa0/slakware"  
(most likely wrong :-( )

This results in either an "ERROR: DIRECTORY NOT FOUND" or "MOUNT ERROR".

As far as I know, my CD-ROM is detected by the sbpcd boot disk.
SBPCD: Trying to detect Soundblaster CD-ROM drive at 0x230.
SBPCD: - Drive 0: CR-563-x (0.75)
SBPCD: 1 SoundBlaster CD-ROM drive(s) at 0x0230.
SBPCD: init done.

Can someone please point me in the right direction.


Tony Fang


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