Installing Linux on a notebook - PCMCIA/CD-ROM or PCMCIA/NE2000 card?

Installing Linux on a notebook - PCMCIA/CD-ROM or PCMCIA/NE2000 card?

Post by George Dunha » Sun, 18 May 1997 04:00:00

Please anyone with experence installing linux on a notebook, I could use
your help.   I have had some (NE2000 is probed and seen by linux on
bootup) success with the PCMCIA network card (USRobotics modem//ethernet
combo) but my partitions are invisible ( I have 4 partitions and they
show up as one large part.).  I have a Panasonic CD-Rom (CD-120M) using
a Panasonic Interface card.  These use a Matsushita KXL-D740 driver
software (for dos).  I've tried several different Boot disk versions.
None can probe the CD-ROM.

Any ideas?

George Dunham


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 I am trying to install linusinto my notebook using pcmica cd-rom in vain.
 First I boot with boot.img diskette, but that doesn't detect the pc card
cd-rom. To my knowledge, all of ATAPI pc cards are supported by linus. Am
I wrong? of course my pcmcia cd-rom works fine now(I installed with
Backpack external cd-rom  before). I don't know why I can't make it
successful with the pc card cd-rom in installing. How can I figure out
this? Any idea?
The pcmcia cd-rom is Doshiba ATAPI 20.
Have a good one.


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