QLogic Fast!SCSI IQ PCI supported?

QLogic Fast!SCSI IQ PCI supported?

Post by Joshua Co » Sat, 23 Dec 1995 04:00:00

   I've been trying to install the Slackware distribution (scsi, ascsi
boot disks) on my system, but Linux can't see my SCSI card. It's a
QLogic Fast!SCSI IQ PCI card, a SCSI-2 controller which has been
around for a couple years or so.

   Is there any trick to getting the system to recognize the SCSI
host, or is it unsupported? If I'm not going to be able to use it
(short of writing a new driver), then can you recommend a PCI SCSI-2
controller to buy that will work with Linux?

above) as well as to this group, as I'll be away for a few days for

   Thanks a lot,

     Joshua Cope


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I am trying to install Red Hat Linux 5.1, but with no success. My
machine hangs during instalation after probing  the SCSI card.
<4>SCSI0: Qlogic ISP1020 SCSI on PCI bus 0 device 8 irq 11 base 0x6100
<4>SCSI  : 1 host.
_   (Hangs here)

I am trying to install on the following system
1. K6 233 on a VX chipset MB
2. 64 meg mem
3. S3 Virge
4. Qlogic Fast!SCSI IQ PCI-D, Bios Rev 5.09, ISP Firmware Rev 2.26 with
7 devices attached.

I am new to Linux and this is my first attempt to run it.  Any help wrt
to the problem and/or directions where to find help will be appreciated.

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