ALPHA offer?

ALPHA offer?

Post by Matthias Kattane » Thu, 07 Dec 1995 04:00:00


Somebody released lately an offer about Dec ALPHA machines.

Unfortunately my copy is lost and it "timed out" in the
news groups.


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1. alpha XL 233 good offer?


A company here in the Netherlands is offering Digital Alpha systems for
pretty nice prices.

They offer for an example an XL 233 for $1200. It comes shipped with
a Matrox Millennium 2Mb WRAM, 4 speed SCSI cdrom + scsi-2 fireball
fixed disk. (standard equiped with NCR810 and Network adapter).
Oh yeah, it's equiped with 32Mb.

Can I consider the XL 233 as a good machine to buy, to run Linux on it?
Are there any caveat's with this machines, besides they are a little
bit dated? In what range can I compare them (against intels) with
respect to performance?

Has anyone experiences with these machines?

Please mail any responses.

Best regards,

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