Linux on NEC Versa 2630 CD Laptop

Linux on NEC Versa 2630 CD Laptop

Post by PO2 George A. Kofoe » Thu, 26 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I have the subject laptop, and am wondering if anyone has tried loading
this model with Linux, whatever flavor.

The laptop has 1.4G HD, 12x Cdrom, 32 megs Ram, 3.5" floppy, USR Modem
card, 3com NIC, and uses the C&T 65550 chipset for the color LCD screen.

Would be very interested in hearing what pitfalls, problems, etc that
anyone has experienced building linux on one of these. Thanks all :)



1. Having problems with NEC Versa 4050H laptop install (removable CD-ROM)

I am trying to install RedHat 5.2 on a NEC Versa 4050H laptop.  It is not
working.  When I try to boot LILO, I get a lot of 7's and 0's on the screen.
One of my main concerns is that the laptop has a removeable
floppy and CD-ROM drive.  When the CD-Rom is installed, it acts as the
master IDE and the harddrive acts as the slave.  Otherwise, the harddrive
acts as the master drive.  One more thing - if I do a custom installation
and set the mount points for the disk partitions, and then go to disk
druid again after the installation, the mount points have been erased.
What does this mean?  Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated.


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