Torisan CD-ROM Drive.

Torisan CD-ROM Drive.

Post by Robert Brutsch » Fri, 26 May 2000 04:00:00

I'm new to Linux.  I'm just at the experimenting stage so I've taken an
old 800 MB harddrive and installed Red Hat Linux 6.1 on it and when I
want to work with Linux I exchange harddrives.

On my system I have a CD-ROM drive from Torisan (somehow related to
Sanyo).  This drive has a removable cartridge for 3 CD's.  I have a 2
hard drive system, so these CD's register as drives E, F, and G in
Windows 95.

Linux will only recognize the first of the CD-ROM drives, plus I cannot
eject the CD unless I shutdown.  So if I'm working in Linux and want to
work with more than one CD I have to shut the whole system down, eject
one CD and put the other one in, and then start the system again.

Is there a solution out there anywhere?



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I have a P100 running RedHat 5.1, with kernel 2.0.34.  I am having a problem
with glint, which is a package management tool for X.  The problem I was
having is that the program would start scanning the CD-ROM for packages,
then the whole program would just close.  The CD-ROM would be fine, and I
could access it later.  I just got an update for glint from the RH web page,
and now it will not show the progress of the package scanning, and the
CD-ROM access light will stay on and I am unable to access the CD-ROM drive
until I either reboot or (obviously) shut down.  Any ideas?  I have a
TORiSAN (Which is the Japanese version of Sanyo, as far as I can tell) 6x
CD-ROM drive.  I am using duplicate discs, but the originals had the same
problem with the closing of the program.  Anyway, I am almost positive the
CD-ROM is set up fine, as I have Win95 on the machine and it works fine, and
used the same CD-ROM to load Linux.  I also checked all of the connections.
All are fine.  Please email me with any ideas you have.

Thanks in advance,

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