Xfee problems w/ Creative Blaster 3d video card

Xfee problems w/ Creative Blaster 3d video card

Post by E Chav » Sun, 18 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I'm new to Linux, but not a newbie to tweaking stuff to get it work.

The ONLY video resolution I've been able to get my card to work in
xfree86 is that 300x200 or so mode (the standard VGA server).
Anything else fails.

I've tried Xconfigurator and xf86config with no luck.  I've also tried
a myriad of options and settings from reading the "README.cirrus"

My only guess as to what's going on is that my 2 video cards on my
system are confusing xfree86?  One is an onboard S3 Trio 64 card
(which I can't physically remove or disable) and the other is my
Creative Blaster 3D (cirrus gl5464 chipset).  Somehow the SVGA driver
in xfree86 can't resolve the address or something?

The monitor is a branded AT&T multisync I believe, don't know who
really made it.  Don't know the exact refresh rates, but from looking
at my win98  "monitor.inf" file it gives values for the refresh rate
that are comparable to a multisync monitor.  

Oh, what I get is a white and black display on my screen, like the
framebuffer is corrupted or something.  I can change resolutions and
exit when xfree86 is loaded, but that is all I can do.  

ideas? suggestions?    


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Does anyone know how I can change the resolution of my 3D Blaster
Banshee Video Card in Linux? I've been struggling with this problem for
a while now. The resolution by default was set very high after I
downloaded the 3D Blaster Banshee Linux Driver from Creative
    I already tried to run Xconfigurator but my video card was not in
the list so I chose the Unlisted Option. However, I could find the
chipset that I have in the next list which is the Banshee Chipset. Now
that I was unable to find the proper hardware that I had in
Xconfigurator I'm unable to proceed to change resolutions.
    I called Linux support but they weren't much help and I just found
out that Creative does not support this driver. If anyone here has had
the same problem and has resolved it, please contact me. I really want
to know how I can solve this.

Thanks for Reading

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