Question: how does Linux handle Parity/ECC errors?

Question: how does Linux handle Parity/ECC errors?

Post by Richard Ma » Sat, 06 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I am considering getting a Triton II motherboard for ECC memory checking.

Does anyone know if there are any Linux-specific issues about Parity/ECC
memory checking?  In particular, will the system record if there is a memory
error, or will it just crash and give a BIOS error?  Also, is there any way to
verify that memory checking is actually enabled on the system (on both the
hardware and software sides)?

Thank-you for any information,


1. ECC/Parity interrupt handled?

    I have heard that the ECC circuitry on some newer chipsets
    (Such as the Natoma used with the PPro) generate an interrupt
    when a single bit error is corrected. If this is true, how will
    Linux (2.0.x) kernels react to this interrupt?

    E.G. Will a 'parity error corrected' result in an 'unexpected
    interrupt' halt instead of a 'parity error system halted'
    condition of will the kernel go its happy way without ever
    letting me know there was an error?


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