PCA70SB soundcard only play 8 bits

PCA70SB soundcard only play 8 bits

Post by j » Fri, 29 Sep 2000 04:00:00

PCA70SB soundcard only play 8 bits (philips)
with linux

Is it possible to play 16 bits mp3 with xconfig

thank in advance


1. Solo1 soundcard plays but won't record

System: Asus A7V133 motherboard (no onboard audio), Athlon 800, 128 MB
SDRAM, RedHat 7.0 (kernel 2.2.16-22).

Soundcard: ESS Solo1, PCI.

When I first brought up the system, the soundcard was detected by
sndconfig, but then it says "not supported" (?!). Debugging other stuff I
discovered I had told the BIOS "PnP-OS=YES" -- changing it to NO made
the other stuff better, and sndconfig found the card and did not complain.

I can play .wav and .mp3 just fine. But when I try to record
        rec test.wav
the process hangs -- ^C won't dislodge it, but kill from another window
will. test.wav is 0 length. In the log I see a mysterious message about
"solo1: cannot start recording, DDMA mask bit stuck at 1".

        In esssolo1.c I see a reference to this, but cannot decipher
        it. There seems to be a kludge related to this in the driver
        -- perhaps the kluge doesn't work for recent boards?

Looking at /proc/ioports it is clear that this card is NOT emulating a
soundblaster (port 220 unused).

Does anybody know what I should try next? Or what (cheap) PCI soundcard I
should replace it with....

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