converting code with huge pointers to 32 bit

converting code with huge pointers to 32 bit

Post by Wouter Be » Wed, 05 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I am converting some code,  written for DOS, that accesses a VME interface,
using huge pointers. There is a lot of bitshifting and masking
going on that I do not quite understand. Is there a safe and clean procedure
to convert this code and get it to run correctly under Linux?

Right now my approach is
1) to get io permission on the specified ports to do the command
passing (which works fine), and then to
2) mmap the physical addresses of the dual ported ram to the virtual
address space of my (suid) Linux process.

Getting the addresses right is the main problem.
Does anyone have a clean recipe of how to solve this problem?
Any help is much appreciated.



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From the Solaris 7 64-bit Developer's Guide FAQ:

  Can I build a 64-bit application on a system running the 32-bit
  operating system?

    Yes, provided you have the 64-bit library packages installed. However,
    it is not possible to run the 64-bit application on a system running
    the 32-bit operating system.

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2.  What compilers can generate 64-bit code on 32-bit machines?  
    Does GNU CC?

3.  What compiler flags are used to instruct a 64-bit compile?  for
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I realize I wouldn't be able to test the generated 64-bit code on a
32-bit machine.   Perhaps the answers should go in the solaris FAQ.


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