ppp .... Aaaaargh

ppp .... Aaaaargh

Post by Hard-Net-Cafe 0 » Sat, 24 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I've got a ppp link to my ISP (using a 28.8K Internal) modem. I'm running a
very lightly loaded site (with httpd, mail, etc. but nothing fancy).

My link stays up quite nicely for several days but when I try to send a large
file out (doesn't matter whether it is mail or ftp) then it dies after about

I can zmodem to other PC's fine. And I have sent data to other ISP's using
ftp .. no problem, though using dip rather than chat to dial.

My dial string includes %E1 so it should fall back properly.
The pppd is set up with crtscts.

I can't think of any more details except to apologize for cross posting, I
am desperate. Also my news feed recently had a crash so I can't get onto the
FAQ's, however I have read the Linux PPP How TO and I've also had someone
with extensive Linux experience look at.

Oh, and my versions are
pppd version 2.1 patch level 2 (Linux 1.0.1)
Linux 1.2.13

I don't read News much so I'd really asppreciate an E-Mail reply.
Thanks In Advance


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I made a trick .. instead of using chat to connect PPP like was in the
(that for me doesn't work) I used dip (it's the one that is supposed to be
used with SLIP connections) .. I make a script for dip so it connects using
PPP, and everything goes fine till I connect... After I connect the host
where i'm connected is Okay and everything seems to be Okay. but when I do
I simple ping to my own IP (not localhost but my assigned fixed IP) it says
unable to reach host.. I think the hardest thing to setup in linux is PPP
:( .. geee...

I have the Slackware 3.0 stuff... and I feel like i'm a newbie.. :(

Is out there any better FAQs or How-TOs for the PPP connections ???

bye !

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Version: 2.7.1


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