12vdc fans

1. BE6 CPU Fan - Fan Voltages

    back in Nov 99 I bought a BE6 based computer, largely to my own
spec.  It has a PIII-450(Katmai) with an Intel fan.

I noticed that the CPU fan was on Fan3 and changed it to Fan1. Shortly
after boot Winbond Doctor screeched and I was horrified to realise that
the fan was not running.
Winbond Hardware Doctor 2.10 does nit have an entry for the CPU fan.
Anybody know why that is?

I have tried adding 12v fans on Fan2 but without effect. It seems to me
that only Fan3 works. Naturally I can't measure the fan speed either.

Can anybody tell me what voltages should be present on the 3 pins?

As I wanted to overclock I have been forced to use mains voltage fans.


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