Support for a Philips CM-205 1x CD-ROM drive?

Support for a Philips CM-205 1x CD-ROM drive?

Post by Richard Godbee, J » Mon, 27 May 1996 04:00:00

I've looked around the common Linux FTP sites (sunsite, tsx-11, etc.),
but I can't find a driver for my (ancient) Philips CM-205 CD-ROM
drive.  I've read the Linux CD-ROM HOW-TO, and a footnote next to an
entry for the CM-206 says the driver is not compatible with the CM-205
drive, but there is an alpha driver available for it.  If anyone has
any information on where to find this driver/kernel patch or an e-mail
address for the author, I'd appreciate a response.

Richard Godbee, Jr.


1. Does Linux support the CD-ROM drive Philips CM-205?

The Philips CM-205 CD-ROM is NOT a SCSI drive: it comes with its own
proprietary interface. Has anybody an idea of how to help Linux
'understand' the CM-205?


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