disable floppy drive hardware detection on bootup

disable floppy drive hardware detection on bootup

Post by L. Sokol » Mon, 16 Jun 2003 10:21:12

Hello All,

I'm runnig Knoppix(Debian) GNU/Linux from a CD on a laptop witout
floppy drive and getting stall at the autoconfiguring devices step.

The error message is at Autoconfiguring devices:
Autoconfiguring devices... modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module

block-major-2 seems to be caused by the lack of a floppy drive in this
laptop. Autoconfiguring seeks for floppy drive and causes the boot
halt when doesn't find one.
Is there any Cheat code, or any way, that could help boot with no
floppy drive detection?
I read reconfiguring the kernel, but since I'm a newbie, maybe at
later stage..

Only failsafe will pass by the modprobe major 2 halt and boot.
All the rest of hardware is Beautifully supported in the Knoppix
distro!  (well, the Intel WiFi is only backwards compatible, but

I tried, of course, the first generic Cheat codes that came to mind:
knoppix nofloppy --the same modprobe problem,
... nofd --the same modprobe problem.
... nofd0 --the same modprobe problem.
... nofd* --the same modprobe problem.

Thank you for reading and your help.
Since the floppy drive is getting obsolete, your knowledge will
certainly benefit others too.


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I am involved in a project to install debian a variety of different
computers based on the x86 platform.  We're booting from a floppy and
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While we could open up every machine and check out all the hardware,
because of the volume it would be much better if we had some kind of
hardware detection utility (including: graphics card, etc).  A second
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could just boot from the floppy and have all the detection done for them.

Ideally our floppy:
* detects network card, hard drive, video card
* mounts the NFS server (which we've done)
* installs our specific set of .deb packages. (working on)

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one, or something that would look to our NFS server for hardware beyong
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