X-Server for Miro Video 40SV ergo?

X-Server for Miro Video 40SV ergo?

Post by Joerg Mosth » Mon, 07 Apr 1997 05:00:00

I am planning on buying a Miro Video 40SV ergo and am now wondering if somebody
has some info about this card, especially what chip it uses and if there is an
X-Server for Linux available.



1. Miro Crystal 40SV PCI ??


Does anyone know if the Miro Crystal 40SV PCI ist supported
from XFree86 3.1? Can I use 1280x1024 with 75Hz? The card
is able to, but is XFree, too?
The Miro Crystal 20SV PCI is supported (Hardware-HOWTO). Since
the only difference are 2 MB VRAM it should work, shouldn't it?



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