DTC 2290 Controller Card???

DTC 2290 Controller Card???

Post by Caleb Davi » Mon, 06 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I am trying to switch from a small hard drive (240M) to a large one
(1G)  as my boot drive. Since the BIOS on my motherboard is an old 1990
AMI, I think I need to enable the BIOS on my controller card (DTC 2290
I've re-installed several times (Red Hat 4.2, minimal configuration),
and have tried several different BIOS settings for my Heads, Cylinders,
and Sectors per track, all to no avail. LILO simply won't boot. All I
get on my screen is 'LI'.
DOS boots fine. Anyone seen this before, or have any ideas?



1. How to enable 2nd IDE port on DTC 2278D VESA IDE controller card?

A friend of mine has a VESA-bus machine with a DTC 2278D dual-port IDE
controller card. He wants to make his CD-ROM drive the master drive on
the second port. The problem is that the kernel doesn't recognize the
second IDE port. I think that the problem has to do with the fact that a
special MS-DOS program has to be used to turn on the second port.

The kernel recognizes the CD-ROM drive if it is connected to the the
first port. However, my friend has two IDE hard drives, and for every
device to be used, something has to go on the second port.

Does anyone know how to get the kernel to recognize the second IDE port?

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