XFree86 on ADI 6P (19") and ATI Xpert@Work (*mB)

XFree86 on ADI 6P (19") and ATI Xpert@Work (*mB)

Post by r.. » Wed, 28 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I am goind to get a new computer soon and I am trying to decide which monitor
to get. I am thinking about the ADI 19" and was wondering if anyone uses this
monitor under XFree86. If they do could they E-Mail me a copy of their
monitor defintion file. I will be using the SuSE X-Server


1. Using XFree86 with ADI 6P 19" monitor

I am getting a computer with a 19" ADI 6P monitor to
run RH Linux and XFree86 on. I was wondering if
anyone uses/used XFree86 with this monitor and if
I could have a copy of their config file (The monitor

AGP Graphics Card.
Please E-mail comments to me as well as sending them to
the newsgroup.

Thanks in advance


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