5.1 on IBM Thinkpad 560 and IBM CDROM

5.1 on IBM Thinkpad 560 and IBM CDROM

Post by Tomas Melande » Mon, 12 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I am trying to install RH 5.1 and I cannot get the installation
program to detect my CDROM. When I tell the program that the
media is on CDROM the CDROM driver reacts by starting to spin,
but then I get a question asking whether it is an 'SCSI' or 'other'
and all alternatives I try end up with no device found.

The CDROM driver is an IBM 1969011 with an IDE PCMCIA interface.

I have tried the boot options:
        linux hdX=cdrom    (X from a to d)
with no effect.

If anyone has a clue what I should try I would be most grateful.



5.1 on IBM Thinkpad 560 and IBM CDROM

Post by David Justi » Tue, 13 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I have the same "symptoms" with a 560e using a SONY SCSI PCMCIA CD.
Good Luck.


1. Linux on a IBM ThinkPad 560

Hi everybody.

I am planning to use an IBM ThinkPad 560 notebook to handle some data
acquisition tasks. One of the instruments I use has a PCMCIA interface,
another sends data via a serial link and the third has a proprietary
interface board on the ISA bus for which I already wrote a device driver
for a desktop Linux box.

My question is then the following: will I be able to run Linux on this
In particular, will I be able to do all the three data acquisition task
under Linux (not at the same time, if needed)?

No problem I guess for the serial link.

The ISA board could go into the expansion box of the ThinkPad (a kind of
docking station if I got it right), but will my device driver work in
this case, i.e., is the ISA bus on the expansion box appearing to the
kernel exactly as if it was in a desktop PC?

Finally, assuming I get all the specification of the PCMCIA interface,
do you think that developing a device driver for that interface would be
feasible (and
reasonably easy)?

The last question is particularly interesting as I am planning to buy
several other PCMCIA expansions, such as a modem and an ethernet card,
and I would like to use them under Linux as well.

I know that the problem is hard, but I am quite confident that somebody
in the area could help me.

                       !!! Please, save me from Windows'95 !!!

                        Emanuele Leonardi

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