What to get - Viper330 ot Velocity 3D?

What to get - Viper330 ot Velocity 3D?

Post by Oleg Krivoshee » Fri, 11 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Hi, All

i'm looking for PCI card and for about the same price is
able to get Velocity 3D with 8M or Diamond Viper330 with
4M. The question is what is better?

As far as i understood, Vel 3D is based on S3Virge/VX,
ramdacs at 220 MHz, while Viper330 has 230mhz ramdacs.


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3. Because i'm using Win95 from time to time to play games,
  is there any advantages between cards for */3D ?
  (Quake support, OpenGL etc)

4. What are card physical lengths ? I discovered
   i can fit only card about 7 inch long...

thanks a lot in advance



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