BJ200e--> GS skips lines

BJ200e--> GS skips lines

Post by J. B. Fergus » Sat, 13 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I have a standard bj200e (canon)... When I use it to print anything (most
noticibly graphics or large fonts) it appears to "skip lines".  That is,
there are horizontal bands of white (all the way through my Linux Inside
logo.. damn)

If anyone has this printer working properly with linux, let me know..



1. TeX -> dvips -> gs -> DOS -> dj500: printer hangs

Yes, I have read the printer FAQ.

I cp the output of gs to a dos floppy, which I then take to my
parent's dos box and try to print.

When I try to print the document, the printer prints a few lines, and
then hangs (with the busy light still on).  I have tried the SLS
binary with DEVICE=deskjet, and I compiled from sources and used
DEVICE=djet500.  Both experince the same problem.

I thought, hmm... could be that DOS/Unix crlf problem, so I tried
sending control codes to the printer setting it for more Unix-like
behavior.  No change.



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