APC Back-UPS 400, updated howto for UPS?

APC Back-UPS 400, updated howto for UPS?

Post by Walter Franci » Tue, 02 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I have the UPS howto which has all kinds of conflicting information on
the best way to wire the cable for automated shutdown with APC backups.
I looked around for an updated howto but the latest I can find is 2.42,
18 Nov '97!

Simple shutdown is fine, I'm not too concerned about using the low-batt
signal, I'd rather just time my shutdown and start the countdown as soon
as power is gone.  I experimented some and I get about 5 minutes of
uptime, of course, the computer wasn't doing too much.. :)

Oh, is there a way to set my bios somehow to turn the computer back on
after power is restored?  I have a VIA-503+ mobo with an ATX power
supply.  I'm thinking there is a wake on lan option or something like
that, might be related to APS though..


Walter Francis
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