Which accelerated video card for least hassles?

Which accelerated video card for least hassles?

Post by Jean Lidd » Sat, 02 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>I need to decide which acclerated video card I should purchase for a LINUX box that I am
>putting together.  From watching the comp.os.linux.x newsgroup I see that somebody has has a
>problem with pretty much any card.  Is there any card out there that gives people the least
>hassles in getting X working in decent modes.

For ease of setup I highly recommend purchasing AcceleratedX from
Xinside for $99.  It supports just about every graphics card out there,
usually at the card's highest resolutions and deepest colormaps.  If
the price isn't a problem for you, this will free you to buy just about
any card you want.  I purchased a Matrox Millenium and am very happy
with it in 1280x1024x24-bit color (when I can afford a monitor which
supports it I'm going to switch to 1600x1200x24-bit color, but that's a
long while off yet ...).  For me the $99 purchase was worth it just for the
time saved on installation -- the 24-bit color and high resolution, and
the choice of any card I wanted to buy really clinched it for me, though.

Hope this helps,

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Which accelerated video card for least hassles?

Post by Ron Olso » Sat, 02 Dec 1995 04:00:00

> Right now I am leaning towards ATIMACH64.  Other options are #9 and Diamond.
> Does anyone recommend these cards for a trouble free setup?

> -AamerSince more work has been done on it, the ATI Mach64 card is

definately the way to go. It's very fast and the colors look
great. (Of course, I'm biased because I have one :) ). Can't tel
you about any other drivers, though I've heard Diamond has
recently reversed their nda stuff so you'll probably be seeing
some pretty solid diamond drivers soon. I've heard those cards
are very nice too.



1. Which accelerated video card for least hassles?

I might have considered the MACH64, too -- if I didn't have one at work.
It seems to perform comparably to my three year old S3-805 based card.
It doesn't come close to my STB Velocity (S3-968 and 220MHz IBM RAMDAC).
While there are people having problems with just about every video card
on the market, most of the problems could be solved by reading the docs.
XFree86 is a breeze to set up for the Velocity.  You need version 3.1.2
and you should check README.S3 for the only option you need that isn't
completely obvious.  Other cards that may, or may not, be as easy to set
up, but should perform comparably, are the Diamond Stealth64 (the version
with a 220MHz RAMDAC) and the #9 Motion 771.  I chose the Velocity over
them because it costs $25 to $50 less, and I'd been happy with my previous
STB card.  Another bonus is that the Velocity has a lifetime warranty.

BTW, how many posts have you seen on problems with the Velocity?  ...
I don't recall ANY!

Don Dettke,  Software Engineering Consultant

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