PAL issue with bttv

PAL issue with bttv

Post by lsi.. » Wed, 10 Nov 1999 04:00:00


I've a problem with the bttv driver :

-all the SECAM frequencies are ok.
-the PAL and PAL-S2 frequencies are ok.
-but I can't see PAL-S1 frequencies or frequencies below 300MHZ

1 year ago, I've made some tweak and I was able to see such frequencies,
but now I'm unable to remember the 'tips'.

I use a standard miroPCTV. with tuner type 3 for SECAM and tuner type 0
for PAL&PAL-S2. The best I can do for PAL-S1 frequencies is to choose
another card than mine but with that I can just see PAL-S1 frequencies in
black&white format without sound and with poor quality ( and with that,
only PAL-S1 frequencies ).

I hope that you now the solution to my little issue ;-)

Oh and yes, my configuration :
        kernel 2.2.X
        and I use XawTV ( with frequencies.c modified with my own
frequencies )

        Best Regards
        Laurent SIMON


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Regards Tomek

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