Anyone interested in developing a device driver for the SIIG VLB scsi card?

Anyone interested in developing a device driver for the SIIG VLB scsi card?

Post by Gna » Thu, 18 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I have replaced mine with the adaptec (which is working great) but much to
my dismay I have had the SIIG card too long to return. I would like to use
it in the future on my other system but in the mean time I am willing to
loan it to someone so they can work on a driver for it.
I am not the only one I have seen asking about SIIG drivers so this would
be helpful to more than just me. If you are interested (or know someone
that might be) please let me know.


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Fred Farleigh
Systems and Network Engineering
Argonne National Laboratory

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