Weird Thing: sb module hangs every 2nd boot?

Weird Thing: sb module hangs every 2nd boot?

Post by mc Dooliga » Wed, 15 May 2002 03:35:21

Intel p75/200mhz
64M ram
Redhat 2.2.5 kernel
ISA SoundBlaster w/ide, CT2770 chip, irq7 io0x289 dma1,5 mpu_io0x330

and the _Weird_Thing_ is:
It only hangs if I don't boot the machine from a hard reset.
So, basically, it boots, sb.o hangs, I punch the reset button,
it boots, and everything is fine, until the next reboot.
Seems like a register isn't getting cleared or something.
Some patch to the drivers/sound/sb.c?
Any ideas?


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I'm using freebsd 4-1-1 stable and every other reboot hangs right after
ISA probing and right before floppy disk controller probing.  It looks
the machine even to a point where control-alt-delete is not functional.
(num lock doesn't even work). A soft reset or power off/on corrects it,
but it's annoying to have to do every other time, especially if I want
to reboot it remotely.  Anyone have any ideas?


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