Gateway PS/2 Mouse Driver

Gateway PS/2 Mouse Driver

Post by Ferranti-Thomson Sonar System » Tue, 18 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I have now installed Linux on about 10 machines at my workplace
and have had no trouble with it at all. That's until saturday
when I installed the system on a Gateway 2000 machine which has a
Microsoft compatible mouse in the style of PS/2 built into the
mother board. The problem is that after booting X windows, the
mouse does not repsond correctly, it hangs round the top left
corner all the time, only moving away if you drag it away real
fast, but then it still springs back. At boot up the mouse is
reconised as a PS/2 style mouse, but when leaving X windows, an
error is returned about mouse position cannot be determined (fd).

Any infomation or ideas/drivers would be most helpful, thanks.
I do not actually have access to usenet much, so if you could
email any infomation regarding Linux on Gateways, to:



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We have some new Gateway 2000 Pentium machines with a PS/2 type busmouse, and
the mouse itself is a Microsoft 2-button thing.  Slackware 2.0.1, which means
kernel 1.0.9, XFree86 2.1 I guess.

I've notice that usually there is no response to a button press on the mouse.
I have to jiggle the mouse slightly from side to side to have a button press
be seen.  Is this normal? intentional? a bug? a feature?

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