D-Link dwl 713p and Linux?

D-Link dwl 713p and Linux?

Post by John Dav » Fri, 24 Jan 2003 11:53:02

Anyone get this 4 port wireless router/printer server working for
Linux? I am trying to print to a Samsung ML1450 printer. Should I be
using LPD?

I'm using Red Hat 8.0



1. D-Link DWL-650+ in Linux


This is a post similar to the one posted about a couple of weeks ago
by someone else.  But it didn't gather any responses, so here I go
again. Anyone had any luck getting this new 22Mbps wireless network
card work in Linux?  Unlike the older 11Mbps DWL-650, which was based
on PrismII chipset, this one is based on some Texas Instrument
chipset.  Any vague idea on which driver should I start looking at?
I am getting confused by various incarnations of drivers for different
sorts of hardware.  I obviously tried Google, groups, linux-wlan.org
and other sites and how tos.

If any one has got this working, please let me know.


- Pankaj

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