scsi_free KERNAL PANIC

scsi_free KERNAL PANIC

Post by Setze » Sun, 06 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I am trying to install Red Hat 5.2 onto a COMPAQ 6150 Pentium Pro.

Auto Probe finds the CD-ROM and SCSI hard drive just fine.  Once the
packages begin to copy to the HD the systems freezes and returns the
following error message:

    scsi_free: Trying to free unused memory in swapper task - not syncing

The install program uses the scsi driver for the adapter:  AM53C974.

Any help with a fix or work-around would be greatly appreciated.

          Dan  Setzer       Baltimore, MD  USA

            "I tried thinking once, but it didn't woik."
                Curly {Formerly of the Three Stooges}


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