Installation problem with Linux Red Hat 1.2.13

Installation problem with Linux Red Hat 1.2.13

Post by Christian Rai » Fri, 24 May 1996 04:00:00

Here is my configuration :

Pentium 100, asustek p55tp4xe, cd rom hitachi atapi 7730, seagate
medialist 1.2 Go.

all this material is reconize by the kernel at the boot .

but when i try to copy the package from red hat installation, all
stop... it's random.

I try to copy the distribution on my disk ... but no way .. same

I read the HOWTO on "big eide drive", i apply there solutions .. but
no way too ...

Excuse me for my poor english ...

If you have an idea ... E-mail me please ... it would be very nice


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I have gcc 2.7.2 running under Red Hat Linux (ELF), with kernel 1.2.13 and
everything works fine.  The only problem is that I cannot create A.OUT
binaries.  I have tracked the problem down to the absence of a directory
called "/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-linuxaout/" (and associated files under that).

Question: Is there some easy way to just get that directory onto my machine
and be able to go?  I'd hate to have to get all of gcc and have to
re-install everything.

Note: Yes, I know about, and have used successfully on other machines, the
"-b i486-linuxaout" option to gcc.

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