need help with serial port....modem...UART

need help with serial port....modem...UART

Post by Jing T » Fri, 15 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hi linux hardware gurus,
        I have a 28.8k modem, but i'm not taking full advantage of
        the 28.8k speed.  This is because I'm using a serial port with
        16450UART. For this reason I borrowed a Boca BB1004 from
        a friend. However the Boca docs don't show any specification
        regarding to what chip(UART) it uses.
        Please enlighten me folks ... thanks
                                                Jing Tan


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I just upgraded to a USRob. 28.8 Sportster (from a 9600 ick!).
I have been having problems dialing in every now and again, and worse, it
when I running Netscape and the line disconnects, it seems to lock my

Anyway, my machine is a gateway 486 66, 20mb ram, 1.2.8kernel.
With the 9600 modem, the SLIP connection worked fine, I didn't change the
vanilla rc.serial, and used a stock dip script. With the 28.8 I have to
try sveral
times for a connect, and I get disconnected alot. All the autoconfig AND
manual config is commented out in my rc.local, apart from 2 lines near the
beginning which perhaps are basci auto config lines?

I tried MSD in DOS, and it told me my UART chips are 8250 (serial rate
Should I comment out those first two mystery  lines in my rc.serial and
${SETSERIAL} /dev/cua1 uart 8250 port 0x2F8 irq 3
Will my mouse still work???
Do I need to change anything on the modem, as I understand it has a 16550


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