"Sync out of range" games

"Sync out of range" games

Post by Poly-poly ma » Tue, 09 May 2006 03:04:16

I am having a load of fun with Suse (10.1 beta6). Its friendly
environment and tons of games...

I love it, but some of the games do not work properly. They will start
up, and my monitor will show this "Sync out of range" message. I hear
the correct sounds and stuff, so the games are working. I'm wondering if
there is a way to keep the games from the wrong color mode (experiments
with Armagetron show incorrect color depth settings) without using the
games' setup utilities?


Poly-p man

The monitor's a IBM G78.


Are all you SUSEheads out there getting 10.1 this Thursday!?


"Sync out of range" games

Post by Robert Hul » Tue, 09 May 2006 05:39:00

In comp.os.linux.misc, on Sun 07 May 2006 19:04, Poly-poly man

> I am having a load of fun with Suse (10.1 beta6)

Why? There have been 3 betas and 4 RC's since that version.

I have snipped your report of bugs since:

1  This is the wrong place to report bugs in a beta

2  It is far too late to be reporting bugs in such an old beta
Robert HULL

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1. "sync;sync" vs. "sync /important_only &"

As I understand it, under Linux, disk write requests are buffered and
are actually written to disk later. This is more familiarly known to me
as "write-behind cacheing". This is a useful and necessary feature, but
here's my caveat --
Among other tasks running (that require heavy disk writing), I'm typing
an important document, so I hit "save" frequently. Lightning knocks out
my power, and guess what? Due to the 512megs of RAM in my system, all
that I typed never even touched the disk. (I don't really have that much
ram -- but just to make the point)

Hardly a surprise; should have "sync"ed my disks more often. Before you
tell me to do that, I'd like to know if theres a way I can DISABLE the
write-behind cacheing for a PARTICULAR directory: for example, I may
want "/important_only" to never be write-buffered. So if I'm working on
my document and save to /important_only, it should save immediately to
the disk.

In this way, I'd rest assured knowing that certain things (like the
document i'm typing for a class thats due the next day) isn't wiped in a
power-outtage, while other less important things that have heavy disk
writes and thus make "sync"ing impractical (such as a cpu event logger
with "verbose" mode enabled) can be trashed in the outtage without much

It this possible? If not to a different directory on the same drive, how
about to a different drive or filesystem?

Thanks for any help on the topic. Understand that I'm accustomed to a
DOS+windows environ where write-buffers are usually written to disk
within seconds.

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