Linux Universe won't recognize my CR-574-B Matsushita CD-ROM

Linux Universe won't recognize my CR-574-B Matsushita CD-ROM

Post by Craig P. Thompso » Thu, 28 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone have a workaround for this?  The sbpcd parameter is supposed to work with
Matsushita/Panasonic/Kotobuki models CR-521/522/523/562/563 however it apparently won't work
with my 574.  This is a "Creative Quad-Speed" model from a Sound Blaster multi-media kit.

I get the following:
mcd = 0x300,10: mcd: get Value timeout
mitsumi get version failed at 0x768
Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 19:00

I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who has a workaround for this short of copying
the whole CD-ROM to a DOS partition for the install.  I would like to keep the option of
running partially off the CD-ROM.


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Good afternoon,
I am having problems installing Slackware 2.3 (kernel 1.2.8)
from CD-ROM.  I am using a Matshita/Panasonic CR-574 quad speed
cdrom which is plugged into a SoundBlaster 32 card (the
crippled version of the AWE 32).

I tried using the sbpdc boot disk and the atapi disk but have
not had any success with being able to access the cdrom.

Under DOS,
My audio card settings are A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 E620 T6
My cdrom settings are P170 I15 and used the CR_ATAPI.SYS driver
while in DOS.

Both work fine under DOS and Windows 95 but I'm stumped as to
how to get them (I'll be happy to get just the cdrom working)
to be recognized in Linux.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have.

Best regards,

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